For me, one of the best feelings is arriving at a place in the world I’ve never seen before. It’s something about the newness of everything that’s so exciting & keeps me in the moment. This trip I was looking for a true vacation to relax & push the reset button before enjoying the Summer months in the city.











Puerto Vallarta has always caught my eye as a resort destination because there is so much to explore off the resort grounds. Unfortunately, my trip was a short one and I didn’t get to cross all must-see items off my list but I’ve been assured (thanks babe) that I will go back some day for round 2. So, the following will be a mix of experiences had & to be continued..

Downtown Puerto Vallarta is a sight to see in itself. The streets are cobble stone with the buildings and decor in old Mexican style. They slope down towards The Malecon, a long boardwalk along the coast where you can catch the sunset each night over the Ocean- one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. There are endless restaurants, shops and cafes to explore throughout the streets. One must visit restaurant located downtown is Cafe des Artistes, which has an eclectic menu and truly the most beautiful setting for dinner I have ever seen. The back portion of the restaurant is completely covered in trees and flowers so you feel like you’re eating dinner in a magical forest, all lit up at night with lights and candles – stunning! Another notable mention is Pipi’s, which I didn’t have the opportunity to try but was highly recommended by both locals and friends on the resort. Pipi’s is a traditional Mexican restaurant with great prices, award winning food & fresh guacamole made at your table. 100% on my list for next time!

If you’re the adventurous type, The Marieta Islands are a day trip away. You’ve probably seen The Hidden Beach on Instagram- the beach that looks like a big whole in the Earth. This trip includes beautiful snorkelling and often views of dolphins in the wild. I heard rumours that these beautiful islands are closing to the public until further notice due to damage to the ecological systems from all the tourist visits. Hopefully, they can preserve the environment and re-open in the future under different circumstances. The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens is an award winning attraction that showcases native Mexican plants & flowers in a beautiful setting. The beautiful greenery was one of my favourite visuals of the trip, further inspiring my hope to become more of a green thumb this Summer! The white buildings, brown clay pots & stones, vibrant colours among all the green makes Puerto Vallarta truly beautiful.



  1. Cindy
    May 20, 2016 / 9:09 pm

    Wow, how beautiful!! It sounds out of this world and a must see and feel experience indeed! A blessing one should never take for granted …

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