We completely fell in love with Sardinia. Don’t get me wrong, Costa Smeralda is more beautiful than the photos, with hidden beaches down every road & crystal clear water, but I think I was most surprised by the less hyped aspects of the island. One week is not nearly enough time to explore all this paradise has to offer.


Maybe one of the most popular areas to vacation in Sardinia, the Northern coast of the island includes the famous yacht destination of Porto Cervo, and crystal clear emerald coloured water (hence the name.) This is definitely a luxury destination but you can visit on a budget too, there’s a variety of accommodations and restaurants to choose from.

Here we spent our days beach hopping. It seemed every road down the coast led to a beach. Sometimes it involved trekking down a rocky path, but the destination was always worth it. Some notable mentions for beach days include- Spiaggia del Principe (the prince’s beach) which involves a little hike, Spiaggia del Grande Pevero & Liscia Ruja (the long beach.) I love the twilight time of day no matter where I am but in Sardinia it feels almost magical, the sky lights up with pink and purple tones. The roads are crazy winding in this area with lots of look out points to catch the sunset.





Pane Carasau with every meal




Hidden beaches everywhere!



This was around the time we got sick with the worse cold. I joke on my Instagram about being taken down by too much salami, but it really did happen! It pains me to say, for this reason we didn’t get to explore the restaurants in the area as much as I would have liked. Our hotel- Hotel Monti Di Mola was clutch in this situation and would highly recommend due to it’s location & helpful staff. Talk about a budget option- this hotel is very affordable & is 3 km from Porto Cervo, right in the heart of Costa Smeralda. It also includes a relaxing pool for guests and 24 hour room service- definitely recommend! We did manage to make it out a couple times though and thoroughly explored the grocery store across the street to stock up on food to bring to the beaches. It’s where we first experienced an undisputed fact about Sardinia- the food here is second to none. A lot of what you eat in the restaurants (or even buy at the store for this matter) is directly from the island- meats, cheeses, bread, wine, & so is incredibly fresh and a huge change from what we have at home.

Sardinia Travel Tips:

  • It is an absolute must to rent a car, you will need it to get around. In between different areas, the island is mostly farm and sparsely populated. You can drive from the North coast of the island to the southern city of Cagliari is about 3 hours and the scenery is breathtaking.
  • Spend your time beach hopping!
  • The seafood is out of this world fresh.
  • July & August get very busy with tourism and beaches get packed. We were told June & September are great months to visit Sardinia.

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