Travelling with your regular skin care and beauty products can be a real hassle,  even impossible at times.  I’ve been caught more times than I like to admit with “liquid” in my carry on, being forced to toss expensive creams or opened my luggage to discover exploded shampoo.  Here are some of my travel beauty essentials and tips…

 Smashbox- Camera Ready CC Cream | Sephora- Sheet Masks | Deborah Lippmann- Nail Polish Remover Mitts | Province Apothecary- Sleep Well Therapeutic Roll-on | Botanica- Coconut Oil | B. Kamins- Lip Balm SPF 20 | Paul Mitchell- Dry Wash Express | L’Oreal Paris- Pure Clay Mask

  1.  This is the best CC cream I have tried over the years.  It’s perfect for travel & beach days that require minimal make-up.  This product still has great coverage and eliminates the need for a day moisturizer and even concealer, due to it’s awesome brightening properties.
  2. Perfect size for travel, you can even toss in a carry on.  These affordable sheet masks come in a variety of types, so you aren’t stuck with only one option.  Mix & match!
  3. Super compact & easy to use.  Beats bringing a full nail polish remover to keep both luggage weight down and to avoid a spillage disaster.
  4. I discovered this amazing Toronto-based company through a local bridal store- Loversland.  I’ve been learning a lot about essential oils and their benefits, as both a fragrance and for overall wellness.  Since I’m a rookie with my own concoctions, I left it to the experts this time!  The fragrance is long-lasting and not over powering.  I chose sleep well to stay relaxed on long flights.
  5. Ahh, what doesn’t coconut oil do?  I’ve been experimenting (successfully) with oil cleansing for some time.  I generally mix a couple types of oil together, using coconut oil as a base.  Since oils will remove make-up, cleanse skin & act as a moisturizer, it’s perfect for travel to eliminate taking extra products with you.  A warning- of course, this is oil, so make sure top is on TIGHT & place in a plastic bag by itself in case it happens to open during transit.  I will be sharing more about oil cleansing in posts to come.. 😉
  6. If you’re headed to the beach, make sure to use a lip balm with SPF.  I use clear to share with my bf.  We have learned the hard way with lip burns; Very unpleasant!
  7. No matter how clean my hair is, after a flight it is oily & needs to be washed.  Dry shampoo is great for when you don’t have immediate access to a shower (#travellife) but still need to carry on with your day!  I got it the habit of spraying some in my hair before bed, not needing to worry about the visible residue & waking up fresher.
  8. Airplanes are notorious for instigating break-outs, so I proactively brought this mud mask with me to try.  I was interested to try this new product by L’oreal after reading so many positive reviews & the super affordable price.  I brought the Energizing & Brightening clay (black), as well as the Purifying & Mattifying clay (green) and used them both together & separately.  Great for body blemishes too!  Full review to come on these gems.


  1. Alyssa
    October 22, 2016 / 8:58 pm

    Oooo so many great products to try! I’ll keep them in mind for my next trip 🙂

  2. October 22, 2016 / 11:19 pm

    I always tell myself I’ll get the Sephora sheet masks before I travel but I never do! I’m gonna have to change that next time I go anywhere. Fab post!


    • November 11, 2016 / 3:01 am

      The under eye masks are my absolute favourite. Thanks so much!

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