My go-to type of face mask is generally a hydrator, since moisture is king for healthy looking skin and key for anti-aging.  BUT, I do love a good mud mask for when my skin gets oily or blemished, especially during these transitional times of the year.  When I learned about L’oreal’s new Pure-Clay line, I was super curious to compare to the more expensive mud masks I usually use.

The line consists of three different types of mud mask, each formulated to target different skin types & concerns. I opted to test two- Purifying & Mattifying (green mud) with eucalyptus to reduce oil and draw out dirt & impurities, and the Energizing & Brightening (black mud) version with charcoal to detoxify and brighten skin tone. My skin can be on the sensitive side so I decided to stay clear of the third option- Exfoliating & Pore-refining (red mud) with algae, which targets rough skin and minimizes pores, since I didn’t fit the skin type described on the packing.  By the way, this is my first favourite thing about this product.  The packaging makes it simple to identify which type(s) are right for you, giving a description of skin type and skin issues they are best suited for.



The base ingredients of the masks are the same, using three different types of mud- Kaolinite, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul & adding one super active ingredient to differentiate. This makes the masks great for multi-masking, using together on the appropriate problem areas instead of using one type of mask for your full face. I used the green mask on my forehead & top of my cheeks to decrease shine, and the black charcoal mask on my nose and chin to help target blemishes and pull out impurities. These masks are very effective, I could feel them working while I left them on my skin and could see immediate results after. Due to the concentration, my skin was a bit red after removing but settled down quickly to smoother and brighter looking skin.


  • Great results for the price point! I found this mask line just as effective as other more expensive mud masks I’ve used.
  • On trend- great for multi-masking & contains charcoal, (the black mask) a popular ingredient right now for powerful detoxifying properties.
  • The packaging makes it easy to choose which is right for you skin type.

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