Forever on the hunt for the best facial ever, my most recent search brought me to Laya Spa & Yoga on Queen St. West in Toronto. They combine traditional spa services with alternative treatment approaches- definitely speaking my language!

The treatment menu is extensive, with everything from a Dermalogica facial to the Ayurvedic facial (which I went for,) to all types of pedicures and massages. The spa also boasts an intimate yoga studio and eucalyptus steam room, complimentary with many of their services. As soon as you walk in you can feel this spa is different- unpretentious & very chill but not lacking at all in professionalism. The decor is Moroccan inspired, very dim with crystals in every corner.




Crystal heaven


Immediately I was taken to the change room (co-ed by the way) to change into a robe and offered water or tea. The lounge area where I waited for my aesthetician was cute with colourful pillows & interesting books to browse. I was given a short questionnaire to help determine my dosha for the Ayurvedic facial. If you’re unfamiliar with Ayurveda, simply put it’s a system of health developed as early as 5000 BC by in India. Over thousands of years people were observed to draw conclusions about how to best maintain health. Ayurveda literally means “life science.” There are three main doshas (body types) people have and depending which you are ,you can identify physical strengths and potential weaknesses with a whole host of recommendations to overcome them. Based on my dosha, my aesthetician selected which products (all natural by the way) to use on my skin type, including a home made facial of honey, oatmeal, rosewater & turmeric. I was also given a detoxifying massage and with the whole experience lasting 90 minutes, I pretty much fell asleep. This facial was so incredibly relaxing and left my skin fully rehydrated.



The yoga space.

 I decided to continue with the non-traditional spa experience and chose the Chakra Therapy to end my night. This service uses crystals, sound & light massage to induce deep relaxation and realign the chakras. This was a first for me but having had reiki done in the past I would describe the result as very similar, and I left feeling ultra calm after a crazy busy week.


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