Happy New Year! I hope everyone spent New Year’s Eve exactly how they wanted to and feel excited for whatever 2017 brings. I’ve always been a New Years person, mainly because I love fresh starts and new beginnings, but an excuse to buy a hot pink dress and celebrate doesn’t hurt either.



Dress- Honey
Jacket- Forever 21
Boots- Zara

Over time I’ve realized how important it’s been for me to reflect and set intentions for the future, which I think are totally necessary to achieve whatever you dream of in life. This year I’ve also jotted down a few beauty resolutions for 2017- little changes I’ve been thinking about for awhile. Here’s the list, and my whys:

SPF & no more tanning beds

I was in highschool when Paris Hilton was the tanning bed queen and was guilty myself of visiting the tanning salon a few times a week! Besides of course increasing your risk of skin cancer and being super unhealthy, exposure to UV rays will really age your skin. I’ve still used tanning beds pretty much every Winter at some point to give myself a nice glow but this year I’d like to commit to not at all. Using a day moisturizer with SPF is also new to my skincare regime after chatting with an awesome Sephora girl about how I don’t like to block my face from getting some colour- guilty again! If you protect your face from sun damage, you will drastically slow down signs of aging and avoid expensive facials and peels early in life. She let me know that it’s just as important to wear SPF in the Winter since the sun UV rays easily penetrate through clouds and even just light can cause free radical damage in skin.

Take better care of my natural nail health

I’ve had my nails manicured with shellac for years- way longer than I’d like to admit. While I still love the long lasting colour and won’t be giving it up always, I know I need to work on the health of my actual nail bed. Always disturbing how thin my nails are when the shellac comes off and I doubt I’d be able to grow my natural nail to any length without chipping or breaking. There are so many awesome products from polishes to supplements I’d like to try to give my nails a break from the obvious damaging affects endless gel manicures have.

Change up my hair

It’s no secret I’m not very adventurous with my hair :P. I’ve finally in my late 20s just purchased a curling iron and plan to use it! lol

Try a juice cleanse

I’ve always been on the fence about juice cleansing because I don’t think it’s positive or sustainable to not be eating real food. However, they have always intrigued me and I’ve done a lot of research as of late into the cleansing benefits of giving your digestive system a break. I’ve planned a short juice cleanse to start the New Year right and will be sharing my experience on the blog for anyone who’s curious, like me!

Experiment with (more) natural products

This past year I’ve really taken note of beauty companies that offer a natural or more natural product but don’t compromise the quality of their product. This is something I haven’t believed in the past could completely co-exist- but I was wrong! I’d like to experiment and share more about these companies that prioritize health and also use responsible ethical standards (no animal testing, environmentally friendly product and packaging) to help my followers make informed choices as well without having to do the research.


How did you guys spend your New Years Eve?! Do you believe in making resolutions for yourself to start the year?  Let me know!



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