I have always had mixed feeling about juice cleanses…

You will know if you’ve attempted to google the topic that this will bring you no closer to a conclusion either. I have tried different cleanses in the past and can get on board with a temporary lifestyle change to reset the body, but my reservation about juice cleansing was simple- no food= misery, and won’t I be starving?! What is the point of this?! When I learned that juice actually still contains calories and nutrition my body will need to keep me “satisfied” throughout the day I felt encouraged. Then learning that the point of not consuming solid foods actually gives the digestive system a huge break and allows your system to start detoxing your cells- something it doesn’t get to when digesting my regular chip & cheese love affair, now this made sense. So I decided to see for myself!




I have a few fav juice spots in the city, but chose The Village Juicery to help with this little experiment for a few reasons. For the same price as most big juice companies in the city, included is a consultation with one of their in house nutritionists. I was walked through the whole process in person, and asked if I had any concerns with my body or specific goals for the cleanse. I explained my goal was a New Year reset and only real area of concern is my stomach, which can become overly acidic often and would be nice to focus on healing this area. My nutritionist noted this and picked the juices that would help with this goal and let me sample all at their cute juice bar. I found this experience invaluable in preparing me for what I was about to experience! Their juices are honestly delicious and I love that you can really taste the different fruits and vegetables they contain. The following day, she emailed me my customized scheduled with which juices to drink and when, along with tips and a list of do’s and don’ts.

The cleansing process with The Village Juicery is simple. A three day cleanse is suggested to start with a preparation day, elimination day and reset day. For some reason, I was feeling quite confident this day and decided to extend the elimination period (all juice, all day) to 2 days.


  • 3 juices, 2 boosters & raw, plant-based foods i.e.) salads, fruits & veggies, nut butters, hummus
  • Easing yourself into the just juice days and beginning the detox process. I started to eat healthy a couple days before this prepare day


  • 5 juices, 1 nut milk & 2 boosters
  • Consuming only the juice specified on the cleanse. Allowing the digestive system to clear processed foods and toxins


  • 3 juices, 2 boosters & raw, plant-based foods
  • Just the same as the prepare day, but this time easing out of the elimination days into solid food again


The good, the bad & the ugly…

I went into this cleanse hella confident and don’t ask me why! I remember the nutritionist going through the list of symptoms most people feel the first few days of the cleanse when your body withdraws from refined sugar, caffeine & processed foods. I honestly expected to feel NONE of them haha. On my way out the door of day 1, the staff said “good luck with your journey” and that’s exactly what it was. The first two days I can only compare the feeling to a hang-over- dull headache, extreme brain fog and low energy, along with cravings for salty food. I can’t say I felt hungry because I was drinking so much juice (see above + water all day in between) but it was hard to feel satisfied. I didn’t exercise and really chilled these days, which was easy to do since it’s not very fun or social to not be able to eat food or have a glass of wine! I reminded myself that these feelings will pass when I get past the inevitable stage of withdrawal and my body beginning the detox process. This stage did pass very quickly. Day 3-4 I genuinely didn’t have any cravings. I was definitely thinking about the day I would be able to have pasta again but I wasn’t about to fall off the boat. The last days of the cleanse I felt great physically, very clear mentally and could say the initial pain was worth it. By the time it was over, I felt light and free of bloating, my skin and eyes were super clear and had extra energy.


My conclusion is ironically as mixed as my initial research. I’m not sure that consuming just juice provides any extra benefits than a whole food cleanse would, but it’s an option if you’re looking for a reset into a healthier eating routine.

Would I do it again? Yes! But not any time soon… 😛

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? What’s your feedback? I’d love to hear!



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