Last year, I started sharing current beauty favourites each month and plan to continue in 2017 with a little twist.I’ll be featuring some of my favourite bloggers and asking for a list of their go-to products to share different beauty perspectives with you. Being the kind of girl who loves snooping through someone’s make-up bag, this is the ultimate for me & I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

For the New Year, I’m so excited to be featuring Mala and Alex of The Skin Skope (TSS) giving some of their best tips and tricks for natural beauty. These two Toronto babes founded The Skin Skope from a passion to share remedies with others, having spent years navigating the world of holistic beauty to help heal their own sensitive skin…

Hey Six Element friends, we are Mala and Alex, Co-founders of The Skin Skope (TSS). We have both suffered from sensitive skin all our lives and truly understand the emotions that come with it. Natural remedies became our obsession, that’s why we’ve Skoped out the best ways to help soothe your unique skin naturally. Here are our top seven natural products for the new year!

The Abnormal Beauty Company- Rosehip Oil | Bragg – Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar | Province Apothecary – Hydrating Rescue Balm | Lush – Love Lettuce | Mixnature – Beauty products | Nature’s Aid – Natural Skin Gel | O’Canada Soapworks – Canada Line Soap Bar

1. Rosehip Oil –– Our absolute FAVE, we are obsessed, obsessed, obsessed, oh wait did we mention that we are obsessed with this product because we are! Even supermodel Miranda Kerr swears by this beauty secret! This anti-aging, antioxidant packed oil rejuvenates your skin on a cellular level and has vitamin E which is an anti-inflammatory that helps calm your skin. The brighter the orange the more potent, wear three drops at night or mix it with your moisturizer in the morning to get extra hydrated skin that will help especially in the winter season. Plus, it quickly absorbs, so it won’t leave your skin oily throughout the day.

2.  Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar –– Oh the miracle of apple cider vinegar but make sure you get an organic brand with the ‘mother’ included for best results. It balances your skin and PH levels, helps remove toxins to leave your skin glowing while minimizing fine lines and/or wrinkles. You can take internally or use as a toner with a 50/50 ratio, vinegar mixed with water.

3.  Hydrating Rescue Balm –– Winter is all about that dry, cracking skin. This balm goes along way to beat this season at it’s own game by fully hydrating, nourishing and softening your skin with beeswax and sea buckthorn. It also helps improve your skin’s elasticity. A tip is to massage the product in your hands to heat up and melt the wax before applying.

4.  Love Lettuce Mask –– When you need that EXTRA hydration and a good cleaning this is the mask for you! It will exfoliate your skin to clean out your pores while calming any irritations with ground almonds, French lavender oil and honey. This mask is made of all natural products and does have an expiry date, so make sure you put it in the fridge to keep cool!

5.  Mixnature –– This is a very unique beauty brand, so we knew we couldn’t just pick one product (not pictured above.) You can personalize your skin or body care by selecting the perfect combination of oils, extracts and other essential beauty ingredients that are right for you.

6.  Natural Skin Gel –With the main ingredient being aloe vera, it quickly hydrates your skin by penetrating deep to moisturize from within. Nature’s Aid skin gel product is sourced from the most beneficial form of aloe vera on the market. It’s an all purpose product, so make sure to fully lather up from head to toe!

7.  Canada Line Soap Bar –“O’Canada, the true North, Strong and …Clean”. This soap bar line is Canadian proud with different ingredients and scents designed specifically for each province or territory. It’s ability to capture the scents of each part of Canada from the floral beauty of the New Brunswick provincial flower to the world famous blueberries in Newfoundland this product is sure to bring the great outdoors to your bathroom. And remember it’s always best to support local!

Having beautiful skin is more than skin deep. You should be aware of what you put in and on your body; Pairing of a healthy lifestyle with amazing natural skincare and beauty products will give you balance for healthy-looking skin. Remember natural skincare is a long term gain, so be patient for the beautiful results that will leave you looking flawless. So there you have it, TSS’s seven picks for 2017.


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