The city has come so far recently with vege, vegan and socially conscious restaurant options that serve more than just salad. One of these new additions that’s a major standout is Yorkville-based Planta, serving strictly vegan fare. The menu is incredibly creative, with something for everyone. I’m confident you could take even the most committed meat eater here and they would enjoy!

Aside from the food, it’s obvious that this restaurant is different as soon as you walk through the door. Despite being vegan, you won’t find any boho vibes here, instead decorated in an incredibly chic neutral colour palette with accents of rose gold and greenery throughout. The space has high ceilings and large windows, with a fresh contemporary feel. I was surprised myself to see a stocked bar in the center of the restaurant where groups of different ages were hanging out after working having a few. Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy a drink right?!



Just to clarify.. I don’t eat a vegan diet myself (need cheese) but I’m open to eating healthier, plant based meals so my expectations of this restaurant were moderate to start. Planta’s menu consists of a lot of shareable plates, which I love! Especially trying somewhere new, I’m tempted to want to taste everything, so ordering several dishes and sharing is the way to go here. You’ll find a lot of classic menu items like burgers, truffle mac and cheese and crab cakes, but remember it’s all vegan! Staying in theme, the drink menu contains signature cocktails using fresh pressed juices. If you don’t see something that catches your eye, remember they have a stocked bar as well- note: martinis in photos below 😛




Notable menu selections:

Kimchi Dumplings
Cauliflower tots
Bianca pizza
Crab cakes
Watermelon poke bowl

Planta is the newest addition to the Chase family of restaurants, which also include Collette Grand Café, Casa Moto and The Chase, so you know the quality and service will be top notch! It’s nice to see socially conscious businesses becoming more mainstream and front of mind when choosing where to eat. If you’re from outside Toronto and are vegan, this place is definitely worth the drive. Not only is the food and atmosphere great, but it’s located in the heart of Yorkville, so the after meal shopping and people watching couldn’t be better!

Have you checked out Planta yet? What did you think?




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