With properties to make it like a vacuum for impurities, more and more activated charcoal products are popping up in beauty & wellness, and finding their way into my regular rotation.

To explain how charcoal has a long list of uses, we first need to understand what’s so great about this ingredient and how it works. The activation comes from adding oxygen to charcoal, creating spaces or “pores” and giving the ability to bind to substances and purify. Activated charcoal can be taken internally for powerful detoxification, either in capsule form or directly in beverages at your local health food store. As it makes it’s way through the digestive tract, the charcoal binds to toxins that have built up in our system through pesticides and chemicals in the food and water we consume. It’s rumoured (although I can’t confirm) that a charcoal tablet after a party night is a miracle hangover cure- worth a try!

This purification benefit can also be applied to our beauty routines in masks, scrubs and teeth whitening products, with the same results. Used topically charcoal will pull oil and dirt from the skin and leave skin squeaky clean. For skin prone to breakouts, or simply for times where skin feels extra oily, reach for one of my current favourite products containing charcoal below. Tip: Because of the powerful detoxing properties, skin can feel dry after using some charcoal containing products. Follow with a moisturizer to restore balance.



With both black and white charcoal, this product both deeply cleanses the skin, while maintaining it’s natural moisture at the same time. This is a wash off masking treatment with immediate results. I love to use it on concentrated areas that can get extra oily, but also great for a full face mask.

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As with all Lush products, this scrub is a more natural and socially conscious option for those wanting to experiment with a charcoal product. It’s by no means the only in their line but since it can be used on both face and body, it’s versatility makes it a great product to keep in the shower to use whenever needed. The scrub contains a more rough textured exfoliant to use for the body, or simply apply to the face and leave for a couple minutes, for more delicate skin.

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Amazing travel product! These wipes have one side with a rougher texture to first exfoliate, and a flip side that’s smooth to wipe away make-up. Both contain charcoal, for extra effectiveness in removing dirt and oil. Too rough for daily use in my opinion, but perfect for taking with you on planes and to hotels when skin needs extra cleansing.

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A traditional micellar water, but with added charcoal for a powerful cleansing effect. This product an be used as a make-up remover, cleanser and is very suitable for sensitive skin. It’s smaller bottle size and multi-purposed properties make it perfect for travelling.

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This brush kit contains bristles with anti-microbial properties, helping to keep them clean and free of germs longer. For most day to day use, you have everything here and at a great price point. The brush types contained are: a large foundation brush, an angled foundation brush, a flat highlighting/contouring brush, a concealer brush, an all over shadow brush, and an angled shadow brush great for lining and defining.

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