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As we’re heading towards Valentine’s Day next week, thinking about special ways to acknowledge those we love, don’t forget the one you’ll be stuck with truly forever- yourself! What better way to show some healthy self-love than indulging in some amazing beauty finds. Here to help is Kari from Bloom & Clementine, with her current natural beauty favourites. I’ve learned so much about natural living through her beautiful website and am very exciting to share her expert advice with you all. Enjoy!

“I began ‘Bloom & Clementine‘ a year ago as a Healthy Lifestyle Blog dedicated to sharing all of the best in Green Living. It can be daunting and confusing to jump into the world of non-toxic living, and it is sometimes difficult to find the “best of the best” considering many green brands are not funding corporate and expensive ads like conventional brands are. This can make it frustrating when trial and error is our only option. So, I decided that I would share my favourite health-minded brands in Beauty, Household, Baby, Health Care, and Fashion, as well as sharing some insight into my own personal Lifestyle. My hope is to encourage others to adopt healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families while also providing some education on how our toxic laden world can affect our personal wellbeing.” 

Kari- Bloom & Clementine

Carina Organics- Shampoo & Conditioner | Doe Beauty- Hair Pact | Maya Chia- Super Couple | Clean Living Collection- Illuminating Viridescent Manuka Mask | Live Botanical- Oceania Body Cream | Axiology Beauty- Lipstick in “Identity” | Vapour Beauty- Soft Focus Primer | Josh Rosebrook- Cacao Antioxidant Mask | Hurraw- Moon Balm Lip Treatment

  1. Carina Organics– I have used this shampoo and conditioner for years now and it is my absolute favourite alternative to toxic hair products. Many natural shampoos and conditioners leave my hair flat, heavy and lifeless. This shampoo and conditioner combo work so beautifully, leaving my hair bouncy, shiny and full. A bonus to using natural hair products is that you’re likely to experience faster hair growth and thickness due to the nutrients reaching your scalp. The best part, these smell delicious! (detailed information here)
  2. Doe Beauty– To follow up my shampoo and conditioner pick is the amazing doe beauty hair pact. These hair treatments are blends of specially chosen oils to give your hair a lush and nutrient dense treatment. This hair pact will restore dull and lack luster hair by boosting the health of your hair from scalp to ends. You simply apply to scalp right through to your ends and let it set for at least 30 minutes, then shampoo and condition normally to reveal some seriously shiny hair. (detailed information here)
  3. Maya Chia Super Couple–  Face oils are my go to for a clarified and glowing complexion. To many, oil based skin care can seem intimidating. We have been told for years that oil is what creates blemishes but that is actually quite the opposite. Our skin will overproduce acne-causing sebum to try and compensate for dry skin. Therefore, the idea of using astringents to dry out your skin will only cause a vicious cycle in your skins health. This Maya chia face oil is one of my top picks. It’s texture is silky and blends right into the skin upon application, the chia seed oil gives the skin a perfect glow and the adanthaxin goes to work on a cellular level to repair photo aging and protect the skin from current elements. (detailed information here)
  4. Clean Living Collection Illuminating Viridescent Manuka Mask–  If you are looking for a mask that will boost hydration while balancing skin tone and softening.. then the illuminating viridescent mask by clean living collection is your go to. The organic spirulina in this mask will reduce redness and even skin tone, while the Manuka honey creates the perfect plump and glow. (detailed information here)
  5. Live Botanical Oceania–  This is my favourite naturally scented body butter. This is the natural version of the coconut lime body cream that we all used in the 2000’s from bath and body works! This body butter is packed full of nourishing ingredients that will boost your skins moisture level and leave you smelling delicious! It is the most lush creamy texture and is packed full of health boosting essential oils. (detailed information here)
  6. Axiology Beauty Lipstick in ‘Identity’–  My go to “your lips but better” pink lipstick. Axiology beauty is known for their vegan and cruelty free lipsticks. Thanks to some amazing ingredients, these lipsticks work as a lip treatment while adding gorgeous pigment to your pout. The colour identity is perfect for light to medium or olive skin tones. Axiology carries the most beautiful range of lip colours to choose from and the gold packaging is a gorgeous little addition to your purse!
  7. Vapour Beauty Soft Focus Primer–  This primer will give your skin the perfect prep for make up. It has the more gorgeous ‘iridescent glow from within’ that perks through your foundation to create your own real life beauty filter. It will also ensure that your make up will stay out all day rather than sinking into your skin or fading.
  8. Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask–  This mask has been one of my favourites ever since I dipped into it months ago. The ingredients list is unbelievable with organic cacao, turmeric, …..:….. Just to name a few. This mask leaves my skin looking fresh, supple and glowing while working at a cellular level to improve skin health and quality. (detailed information here)
  9. Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish–  Nail polish is a beauty product that is unfortunately one of the biggest hormonal disrupters for women. Some of the ingredients in conventional nail brands are alarming and this is why I reach for nail polish that is 10-free. This means that it is free from 10 of the most toxic ingredients found in other brands. Trust fund beauty quickly became my favourite and replaced all other high end polishes in my kit. It applies perfectly smooth and lasts for up to a week with base and top coat. Not to mention, it comes in so many beautiful colours! (detailed information here + Fall colours feature here)
  10. Hurraw Moon Balm Lip Treatment–  Hurraw is known for creating some of the most lush vegan lip balms in the then beauty world. They are made cruelty free and in some amazing flavours but nothing compares to my love for the moon balm lip treatment. This creamy lip treatment is applied at night and will combat chapped, dry, flaky lips. Think of it as a mask for your lips! It includes ingredients like chamomile to help lull you to sleep too!

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