Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to try and experiment with new beauty products. While I love to test out new things, nowadays I have certain checkboxes with products that really stand out for me. The Abnormal Beauty Company checks all of them.

I first discovered Deciem (The Abnormal Beauty Company) through my sister who bought me my first bottle of Hyaluronic Acid. Since that day, I’ve been into their little laboratory like store on Queen West many many times, asking the staff (who are very knowledgable by the way) 21 questions and sampling the various product lines they carry under the Deciem umbrella.

Ordinary 3

Ordinary 4

Ordinary 2

The brands may have different focuses on product offering (skin, hair, even supplements) and price point but they all maintain the vision of the company and have these amazing things in common:

  1. The price point is kept true to product and not inflated.
  2. The formulas are simple with targeted effectiveness for their purpose. What you read on the bottle is what you can expect to get.
  3. The ingredients are kept as natural as possible and any questions about contents are happily answered via email (link on the company’s website here.)
  4. The products are never tested on animals.
  5. A full year for a full refund on any product you’re not satisfied with.
  6. This company was founded and manufactures locally in Toronto- so amazing for Canadian beauty.

Ordinary 5

Ordinary 1

If you’re looking to try something new or don’t know where to begin with The Abnormal Beauty Company’s many options- The Ordinary line is a great place to start. The products are super affordable. The 5 products I have in my beauty routine below cost around $45 all together! This plus the return policy of 1 year make it so easy to mix and match products, experiment and create a routine that works best for your skin. The concept of The Ordinary line is to use the various oils, serums and creams together to complement each other and address issues specific to each skin type or concern. The Deciem website has an amazing guide to know how to begin pairing (available here,) but if you can make it into a store I’d suggest asking one of their staff members too. As a start, the company suggests a maximum of 3 serums for both day and night. It’s easy to get a little carried away (as demonstrated by me below :P) It’s also recommended to apply water based formulas, then creams, then oils so your skin can absorb properly.

For my skin, I focus on hydration & anti-aging.  Here’s my routine with The Ordinary:

Caffeine Solution 5% +EGCG (AM only)

Apply to the eye area to reduce swelling and dark circles. I joke about having the Italian dark circles but it’s no joke! Dark under eyes are mostly hereditary so all the help we can get is welcome.  Available online here.

“Buffet” (AM & PM)

This serum is a little play on words describing the various anti-aging complexes contained in this bottle. If you check out the product page on Deciem’s website, you’ll know why I can’t list them! On top of this, the serum also contains 11 amino acids and various hyaluronic acid complexes.  Available online here.

Hyaluronic Acid +B5 (AM & PM)

Hyaluronic Acid attracts water molecules in the skin to give a plump and youthful look. This product has low, medium and high molecular versions of HA to penetrate different layers of the skin. I also love Deciem’s Hylamide low molecular HA (full info here.) It’s a slightly higher price point but the low-molecular means the serum can penetrate deeper into skin layers.  Available online here.

Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA (PM only)

In the evening following the “Buffet” and HA serums, I’ll use this cream before applying oil. A little goes a long way. I use only at night because this products doesn’t contain SPF but makes a good foundation for oil to go on top.  Available online here.

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil (PM only)

This rose hip seed oil is cold pressed to not lose effectiveness through a heating process. There are so many benefits to rose hip oil due to it’s high concentrate of anti aging vitamins like Vitamin C, E, and beta carotenes. You can expect instant hydration and a reduction of scarring, pigmentation and skin imperfections over time. It’s also a great natural aid for acne prone skin.  Available online here.


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