Guys, we’re almost there. I try not to complain about or wish our Winters away because as Canadians this would take over a lot of days, but truth be told, this Winter has dragged on for me.

At the start of the year I wrote a Beauty Resolutions list and have held firm to no tanning beds, trying to embrace my natural skin tone. It really isn’t how fair I get that tempts me to take a trip or two to the salon, but the much needed glow they can give after the months of minimal sunshine.

March beauty 1

This month I’m sharing the products that have given me an extra boost and helped keep me hopeful for Summer & sun. Just around the corner, can’t wait!

What are you most looking forward to this Summer?


LUSH- Oatifix |Josie Maran- Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47 | MAC- Strobe cream in goldlite Lancôme- Juicy Shaker in Marshmattack |Chloé- Chloe eau de perfume | LUSH- Popcorn lip scrub | The Ordinary- Caffeine Solution | Wildwood- Wanderlust rose soak | Stemm- Density Serum

  1.  LUSH Oatifix– A few months into Winter, not only does my skin become almost incurably dry but also SO sensitive- red splotches, dry patches, irritated. This fresh face mask from Lush is a gentle exfoliant and moisturizer that’s also soothing for sensitive skin. It’s made with real bananas and oatmeal and smells like banana muffins. Yummy!
  2. Josie Maran Daily Moisturizer SPF 47– On the topic of keeping skin tone even, I hate to admit but I haven’t always been a fan of day creams with SPF in them. I’m now approaching my 30s and seeing signs of sun damage on my face and have reluctantly adopted a cream with SPF in it to protect my skin from the sun and prevent aging. Let me tell you, I am converted! Shielding the sun, even in the Winter, has given me a much more even tone. This cream will be remaining in my routine as a staple, that’s how much I love it! It has 47 SPF without feeling like sunscreen and upholds all of Josie Maran’s product integrity- natural, vegan, paraban and scent free.
  3. MAC strobe cream in goldlite– An alternative to a strobe stick, this lightweight cream adds subtle shimmer to the skin. I apply on the top of my cheekbones and make a V shape over the top of my eyebrow area to highlight my face for night’s out or to give my face a little glow if it’s looking particularly dull.
  4. Lancôme Juicy Shaker in Marshmattack– Continuing Lancome’s rebirth of the iconic Juicy Tube with the Juicy Shaker, they have released a line of trendy new bright colours for Spring. The Juicy Shaker has become I staple in my purse for a few months. It’s a lip oil, so is very hydrating with pigmented colour you can’t keep almost sheer or build to colour your lips. I love the bright coloured lip trend and these are a great way to experiment with a not so bold colour.
  5. Chloe eau de toilette– This is not a new scent by any means but I’ve yet to come across another perfume that is so perfectly floral without making me smell like a flower garden. I’ve recently started wearing this classic every day and can tell it will be my perfume of choice all Spring.
  6. LUSH Popcorn lip scrub– Smells like actual popcorn and scrubs away dead skin on your lips so lipstick application is MUCH easier.
  7. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution– Apply this serum to the eye area right when you wake up to help with swollen and dark eyes. Trying to even out my skin tone as much as possible has been key to keeping me away from the tanning beds.
  8. Wildwood wanderlust rose soak– This incredible bath salt mixture is made by a local Toronto company, dedicated to creating natural and inspired products. To say using in your bath gives you a spa feel is an understatement. The blend of scent and relaxing effect of the himalayan salt is a true mood booster.
  9. Stemm density stimuli– To be honest I’ve just started using this serum but it’s promise and small results in a short time have made me want to add it to my current list. The promise is to create denser, fuller looking hair by treating the scalp. Makes perfect sense to me. If all goes well I will be writing a full review on Deciem’s Stemm line for all my fine haired girls out there who will try anything for a full head of hair!

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