LaCoupe ORGNX Babassu & Moringa Oil Complex

LaCoupe ORGNX Babassu & Moringa Oil Complex

Transitioning seasons can bring on a lot of bad hair days. Weather can do crazy things to our hair. One minute it’s frizzy then next flat or full of static! For myself, I have fairly fine hair so it can be hard to find a balance between giving my hair volume but keeping hydrated at the same time.

Using LaCoupe ORGNX Babassu & Moringa Oil Complex hair care products has been a breath of fresh air. After reading the ingredients I was intrigued and hoping this product would have that delicate balance between fullness and hydration I’m always looking for. The shampoo and conditioner both contain natural botanicals like shea butter, babassu and moringa oils to hydrate and promote stronger hair. These products also contain well known hair beautifying vitamins biotin and B7 that stimulate hair growth and fullness.

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After my first couple hair washes using both the shampoo and conditioner of this line, I could feel some extra volume while blowdrying my hair. I was impressed but knew the real test would come after a couple weeks of washing, when normally volumizing hair products will start to dry out my hair. After the testing period, I was so happily surprised to find my hair was still soft and full of shine. I concentrated the conditioner on my ends and made sure to keep it on for at least 5 minutes before washing out in the shower. Another tip I love for us fine haired people- keep a wet brush in the shower to work through strands at the end of your conditioning. This helps to work the product thoroughly through hair, and makes brushing it out after towel drying a lot easier.

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The ORGNX line of hair care by LaCoupe is formulated without parabens, DEA and sulphates. This means these products are easier on your hair (expect less foaming when using because of this) and the environment, which I love! Even better, LaCoupe commits to creating a high performance product, at an affordable price. LaCoupe is Canadian made, with the ORGNX Babassu & Moringa Complex shampoo and conditioner available at Walmart Canada for $9.99, proving you don’t need to pay a premium price to choose natural alternatives for beauty.

* While this post was created in sponsored collaboration with LaCoupe, all opinions are 100% my own.


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