I never thought I’d fall so in love with a simple deodorant… but I have. When NO PONG, a natural alternative deodorant brand reached out to me, the words of a naturopath from my past came back to mind- “If you’re going to focus on using natural products, start with toothpaste and deodorant.” This all made sense to me, as our deodorant sits on our skin all day, very close to some major lymph nodes, and not to mention breast tissue.

NO PONG is an Australian company, founded by Chris Caley and Melanie McVean. The couple started the company to create a revolutionary natural deodorant product that challenges what’s on the market today. The first ingredient is coconut oil, which is immediately recognizable by the products creamy texture. You need to use your fingers to apply (a definite change from traditional deodorant sticks) but because of the consistency and ingredients, it’s not a messy process. The coconut oil is followed by a list of recognizable natural ingredients, as well as essential oils to give a light scent. The NO PONG product inventory includes an unscented/bicarb free version as well, for those with sensitive skin.


But does it work? YES, it really does. In fact, I’ve tested over several weeks and some high intensity work outs sessions to be certain. NO PONG holds up through it all. I have found that applying a fairly minimal amount will easily last an entire day, even through light exercise. With heavier exercise/sweating, you will need to reapply post shower but will be covered while working out.


NO PONG is an all-natural deodorant product that really works, but two other benefits really stood out to me while trailing. The product comes in a small, round and thin container, the perfect size to put in a purse or even pocket, making NO PONG very portable and convenient for an on-the-go lifestyle. NO PONG will leave absolutely no white residue on your clothing either, being coconut oil based it absorbs quickly into the skin. If your wardrobe includes a lot of black clothing, this is reason enough to make the switch!

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