“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

I believe we don’t need to look very far from nature to find what we need, which is why I was inspired and intrigued by Luk Beautifood’s line of lip nourishes. These all natural lipsticks are 100% toxin free with a base of butters, spices, avocado & other fruit oils that are beneficial for your skin and body. Truly good enough to eat! Lük Beautifood’s founder Cindy Lüken is more than just passionate about creating a unique and natural product, with an education in the field of nutrition. She boasts a masters degree in science, with a focus on food & nutrition and is both the product designer and food scientist behind the Lük Beautifood line of products. The perfect blend of style & substance!

Luk Beautifood 4

Lük Beautifood’s line of lip nourishes are presented as a perfect blend between a balm and a lipstick, and I couldn’t agree more. The product’s formula ensures a super smooth and hydrating base, with beautifully tinted pigments to give the lips a hint of colour to finish. Because the colour is not super concentrated, the hues are universally flattering and can be layered to create a more dramatic affect or be worn as a lightly tinted gloss. You’ve heard about the “your lips but better” trend. This product fits this criteria to a tee.

Luk Beautifood 3

Luk Beautifood 1

Nude Cinnamon & Tea Rose swatches

The two nourishes I reviewed are variations of nude/neutral colouring, ideal for Summer days with no fuss makeup and a more natural look:

Nude Cinnamon Lip Nourish

Definitely more of a balm, but can easily be layered to create more of a coloured look. This lip nourish contains sesame and cinnamon oil for a spicy scent with vanilla to sweeten. I’ve had a few compliments wearing this colour because it’s difficult to know whether you are wearing a colour at all or just born with a full and beautiful natural lip colour. Our little secret 😉 (available online.)

Tea Rose Lip Nourish

The #1 best selling neutral colour, this shade is truly flattering on everyone, deepening your natural lip tone. With a base of avocado oil & cocoa butter, and infused with lime, rosemary & mint oils, the scent and taste of this lippie is fresh and slightly citrusy (available online.)

Luk Beautifood 2

Read more about Lük Beautifood on their beautiful website (more information here.) This brand offers free international shipping, based out of Australia. As a blogger, I am also a huge fan of their blog “The Beauty Kitchen Blog,” which covers all topics related to beauty and nutrition in a beautiful way- highly recommend!



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