There is really nothing more satisfying to me than a face mask with immediate results. Philosophy has launched their new Microdelivering Detoxifying Oxygen Peel that shows instant improvement in the skin but will give the best results if used over time. This clarifying and brightening mask is a two step process, but takes only 5 minutes from start to finish, making it easy to fit into a morning or night skin care routine.

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Step 1:

Apply a thick layer of the charcoal gel all over face, avoiding the hairline, lips & eyes. Activated charcoal is a very effective ingredient for detoxification, with a vacuum-like property that pulls dirt and oil out of pores. I leave this layer for about a minute to allow time for it to start absorbing surface impurities, but not long enough to start drying.

Step 2:

Apply a generous layer of the oxygen foam booster directly on top of the charcoal gel layer, then blend together in a circular motion to create a grey foam and activate the oxygenating process. This step will infuse oxygen molecules onto the skin and deepen the detox started by the charcoal gel, as well as give skin an immediately brighter look. Initially after blending there will be a very slight heat created, but as the foam activates you might feel a gentle tingle (not an itchy sensation some masks can give but more bubbly.) Leave for 3 minutes only. This is important because any longer and the foam will begin to dry, making it much more difficult to remove completely in Step 3.

Step 3:

Use the exfoliating micro blade (comes in the kit) to remove the foam layer from face, using long swiping motions like you’re shaving. Wetting the stick before gliding across the skin can help to remove more completely, but sticking to the 3 minute processing time limit will make for much easier removal. I found using the blade more effective than simply wiping off with water for unclogging pores. You will be left with some residue; splash with water and pat dry.

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The oxygenating foam feels very soft and gentle on the face, and people with even the most sensitive skin should have no irritation & fantastic results with this product. There is no scent to either the charcoal gel or oxygen foam booster, and no abrasive stripping effect present in some detoxifying masks and products.

When I received this face mask system to trial, I was given the advice to use for three days in a row and then continue once a week after for best results. After only one application, I noticed primarily an immediate brightening effect in my skin and a moderate improvement in my skin’s clarity. After the three days though, most of the small clogged pores around my nose, upper cheeks and chin were gone! Not only were they clear and unclogged but my pores were much smaller. The size of the bottles and amount of product in them are quite generous so committing to this routine is a must! I recommend Philosophy’s Microdelivering Detoxifying Oxygen Peel (available here) to use before a big event, going on vacation, or any time your skin is feeling dull or congested.


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  1. September 17, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    sounds like a must try!! great review! xo


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