An Honest Review of Sunday Riley’s Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit

An Honest Review of Sunday Riley’s Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit

I wouldn’t recommend buying beauty products on hype alone- but I admit, I fully did when I bought the Sunday Riley Power Couple duo kit. As a beauty lover, it’s been impossible to miss Sunday Riley’s products get cult following status on the internet and social media and I simply needed to see for myself.

The product line is a small range of very targeted skin care formulas with catchy names like “Good Genes” and “U.F.O.” They’re packaged in colourful oils with minimalist branding but when you look closer you’ll see the pretty packaging could fool you. These oils and serums are anything but weak with ingredients like retinol, acids and enzymes.

When I found this limited edition duo kit with smaller sized bottles, I knew I needed to try some of these products out and share with you! Aside from the features I listed above, another thing about Sunday Riley that should be noted- these products aren’t cheap. This is definitely a luxury skin care line with each of the products costing over $100 a piece. I’ve heard a lot about combining the Luna Oil and Good Genes products so I jumped at getting both together in a trial size (available online here.)


Initial reactions:

When using potent ingredients like the retinol and lactic acid that are in the Luna Oil and Good Genes serum, it’s a good idea to follow any instructions or guidelines on the labels. In this case, the packaging says to apply the Luna Oil first and after 5 minutes of letting it sink into the skin, follow with Good Genes. With both products, a little goes a really long way. I used a few drops of the Luna Oil and massaged the blue coloured oil into my skin before using one pump of Good Genes to follow. Both products smell pretty strong, especially Good Genes because of the lactic acid. The Luna Oil is a pretty blue colour which becomes transparent when it’s massaged into the skin. I would say I have a normal skin type when it comes to product sensitivity and didn’t experience any irritation or redness at all. After waking up the next morning, my skin felt smooth but that was the main differenced I noticed.

After 3 weeks:

I like to give all new skin care routines at least 3 weeks to really judge how I feel about them. Sometimes I will love a product right away and it somehow changes over the long term or can cause some effects after continued use. In this case, I loved this set more over time! The Luna Oil is a unique retinol product because of the blue tansy and oil base, it has less potential to irritate and isn’t overly dehydrating to the skin. Over time I have definitely noticed an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and overall a more even look in my skin.

After about a week, I put on Good Genes as normal after the Luna Oil and felt a little tingling and mild irritation around my nose and forehead areas. I had definitely noticed the potency of this product at this point, with the lactic acid acting as an exfoliant taking away any blemishes, smoothing my skin tone and even really minimizing the look of pores. I decided to take it out of rotation the next night and start using it about 5 times a week with amazing results. I should mention I was using these two products together at night only and followed after with a hydrating night cream.

The good:

If you’re looking for products that work, look no further! After just a few nights, you will notice the differences in your skin, the packaging and social media accounts claim. This skin care definitely belongs in the luxury aisle, the packaging and branding is beautiful and the ingredients are super high quality. Sunday Riley is still an “indie” brand which arguably keeps the line focused and unique. The company is also committed to being socially conscious- while the products are potent, they are also cruelty-free and mostly (99%!) natural. These products can be used separately but are incredibly effective together. If you’re in the phase of life where you’re looking to include some “anti-aging” skin care in your routine, this duo will impress you!

The not so good:

It’s difficult for me to recommend a product to all people that comes with such a high price tag. While I think it’s worth it, I don’t think it would be for everyone and there are alternatives that won’t do so much damage to your wallet. Aside from this, the actual formulation and quality of the products are second to none. While I can see certain skin types needing to take more caution with the high degree of potency, most people will see the results they’re looking for really quickly.



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