A little time has passed since my blogging anniversary (March 11), but I’ve been genuinely wanting to write a little reflection post to celebrate it. Truth is, I’m infinitely more comfortable writing beauty reviews than I am anything “personal.”

I started this blog as a creative project and while so much has changed since day 1, it’s remained the best outlet for me to balance my otherwise very practical day to day with my naturally creative self. What I didn’t expect was that while this blog has grown, so have I, and I think a lot of that has come from working so hard on something with very little instant gratification. If you want to blog or write long-term you have to love it, because the perks that eventually come, don’t come quickly. The biggest satisfaction has come from creating something from nothing, entirely by myself. It’s been not just following the path set out for me but creating my own. Sounds scary but fun at the same time, and it is!

But enough about me…

One of the biggest shifts I’ve had since starting this blog was the focus of its content. Six Element started as a fashion and lifestyle blog but a little over a year in I decided to post beauty (with a little wellness) exclusively. I felt that not only did I want to share my writing and thoughts but I also wanted to provide as much value as possible to my readers (you guys!) Learning and sharing about beauty products, procedures and everything in between is something I love in my daily life. It occurred to me that it can be an intimidating topic for women, and even though we may want a new moisturizer for instance, we may not know where to even begin looking. For me, beauty rituals and self-care go hand in hand. It’s been interesting to notice how self-care is such a popular buzz word of the moment (and should be), while the beauty industry is looked at as purely vain and frivolous. My rebellious side wanted to create a place where we can all indulge in this side of ourselves and hopefully come away with useful information and recommendations. Overall, my hope is that Six Element is a place where women (and men) are inspired to feel good!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading and following me over the past 2 years. I truly appreciate every reader and comment. I have so much in store for the next year!

If there’s something you’d love to read about, share feedback on or just to say what’s up – hello@sixelementblog.com is where you can reach me xo


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  1. March 31, 2018 / 10:35 pm

    Congratulations Jordan!! I love what you’re doing and love even more the info. you’ve provided – makes my job a whole lot easier! Can’t believe its been 2 years already and how much Six Element has grown!

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