I have to admit, the first time I saw a jade roller, I wasn’t buying what they were selling. What could this little green rolling device possibly do for my skin? 

I started to warm up once I read about its history in Chinese medicine. I can be open to trying something that’s been used as a beauty secret for hundreds of years… and it looks cool, were my initial thoughts as I ordered my jade roller online. Whether you’re buying from a store or online, make sure you’re ordering a roller made of real jade. The material is heavy enough to apply the right amount of pressure when rolling and stays pretty cool even if not left in the fridge. As a bonus, jade is a crystal thought to attract prosperity, protect against negativity and heal the body. I like to think I’m rolling in a little magic while reaping all the skin benefits. 

I had no expectations the first time I used my jade roller, which made my results seem even more dramatic after the very first use. I could actually SEE the difference immediately from one side of my face to the other. I should mention, the proper way to use a jade roller is to roll upward and outwards starting from lower cheeks and chin and working up. Go back over and retrace the same path a few times before moving upward to the next area of skin. This motion allows the roller to effectively drain the lymph nodes of excess fluid and to detoxify. I was starring at myself in the mirror in disbelief as one side of my face was much less swollen, more sculpted and lifted than the other. Most jade rollers will have one side with a larger cylinder for the larger areas of the face and a smaller side to use around the eyes. After this day, I proceeded as usual, to test this little device on other people so I could see the results in front of me. Using a jade roller will immediately decreases any puffiness in the face and eyes, and promote a more sculpted and awake look as a result. If you’re in a situation where you’re retaining more water than usual (see tips below), the effects will be dramatic. 


After my ultra scientific research study, my concluded benefits of jade rollers:

  • Decreases swelling in the face and eye area by assisting the lymph nodes in draining excess fluid
  • Sculpted cheekbones
  • Mini insta face lift without needles
  • Decreases dark and puffy under eye circles
  • Motion and coolness of jade roller feels amazing
  • Infuses magical powers from jade stone into the skin


Jade rolling tips:

  1. Try after a long flight to instantly reduce water retention, sculpt cheekbones and refresh.
  2. Try the morning after a night out and too many beverages to hide events of the night before.
  3. Use your jade roller after applying your favourite serum or oil to penetrate deeper into the skin.
  4. Keep your jade roller in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. Especially around the eye area, the cold stone will further reduce puffiness.
  5. Make a jade roller part of your morning ritual to reap long term benefits (plus it feels sooo nice)




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