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This beautiful sunflower field was the perfect setting to showcase this festival inspired look. When Jacqueline of Pink Champagne Photography and I pulled up, I was in awe. Walking up and down the rows made me feel like a kid again.  Read More



As far as I’m concerned, Sephora is the candy store for grown women & little else gets me so excited as a shopping bag of new products.  Things change so quickly in the beauty industry & I’m always on the lookout for what’s new and exciting.  Even though I LOVE trying products, it can be expensive and difficult to know what works and what doesn’t.  For this reason, I often reach out to friends or people I know who are experts in this field to make recommendations before purchasing.  If this sounds like you, you’ll love my new blog series.  Each month I’ll be sharing new or time tested beauty tricks I love, some from yours truly & some from sources I put full faith in. Read More



Knee deep in the summer months, weekends spent in the city center around escaping some of the busyness of downtown & soaking it all in before our short Canadian season passes us by. When the outfit matches the setting it calls for an impromptu few photos with a beautiful backdrop. Read More

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There are few things more refreshing than mint chocolate chip ice cream on a hot day so when I stumbled on this healthy smoothie version I knew I needed to try. I was shocked to find out the flavour is. dead. on. Dead on but has a cup of spinach in it- amazing! Read More



I must say I am loving the trends this Summer & decided to mix a few together for a Summer evening stroll. At the beginning of the season, during my semi-annual closet purge, I came across a pair of denim overalls I acquired during my Guess girl days (still kind of a Guess girl at heart), tried them on and thought “EW.” Since then I’ve had a change of heart! Read More



If you’re looking to kick your perfume game up a notch, fragrance layering is your solution. Combining different products creates a truly signature scent that will stay on your skin longer, rather than fading quickly like some perfumes can. If you’re thinking what I did when I was first introduced to this concept- that more than one scent would be overwhelming and you don’t want to send people into shock, I have good news! Read More



For me, one of the best feelings is arriving at a place in the world I’ve never seen before. It’s something about the newness of everything that’s so exciting & keeps me in the moment. This trip I was looking for a true vacation to relax & push the reset button before enjoying the Summer months in the city.

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